Friday, April 6, 2012

Awesome Chinese Headphones Review #1: Kanen IP-780

Price: $17,59 at focalprice.
Overall rating: 4/5 stars

This is an excellent headset. The first thing that I noticed is it's awesome design. It looks really good with the red/black contrast and the red cable. It is also very solid, especially the cable.

When I first tried it when it arrived, it disappointed me a bit, but after a few hours of burning it in (letting it play on a high volume, not maximum volume) it already sounded very good and I expect it to get even better when I use it more.

The bass is not overwhelming and I think it misses a tiny bit of bass but it's not disturbing, the bass is still good. Mid and high frequencies are excellent. 

I think this one can easily be compared to big brands. In my opinion this has the same quality as beats by dr dre. The build quality is very good, it looks very expensive and nobody believes I bought it for this price.

The only con is that the left side of my headphone can't handle the maximum volume of my ipod, it makes a bit of a crackling sound. Also I recognize a very slight decrease of bass on the left side. I think only my headphone has this.


  1. I'm a real stickler for sound quality, tend to stick solely to the best of the best - I'll keep to my Sennheisers!

    1. I completely see your point in sticking to brand names - however, for people like me the Kanen headphones seem to be just fine (I could afford Sennheisers, I just have other priorities). I'm really looking about buying one of those. BTW, does the iPhone version work fine with the PC?

  2. I have sennheiser hd218i also and after testing and comparing i think the kanen wins hands down, bass is far more prominent they stay on your head unlike the sennheisers the cable to the kanen's are better quality and i like the fact that you can forward to the next tract and they are compatible with the iphone. can't believe the quality for the price you would normally pay a lot more for this quality.I paid about 13pounds for these so bought two pairs one for xmas pressies i'm very impressed and i think the reciever of the xmas pressie will be too. I did do some reviewing first and i'm not dissapointed.. highly recommend,just buy buy buy. seriously|

  3. I'm with Vague, I got me some 598s and I'm never looking back. The soundstage is awesome, it's like I'm in the game since I get the ability to pinpoint where what sound is coming from.