Thursday, February 10, 2011

World of Gadgets is born!

Hello everyone, this blog is brand new and will be updated daily with information on the coolest and latest electronic gadgets! Make sure to follow it, and you will be the first one knowing when a new gadget comes out!

What you can expect:
- A selection of the newest gadgets by big companies such as Apple and Sony, but also gadgets by smaller companies, if noteworthy.

- The fastest updates you have ever seen! If a new gadget comes out, it will highly take 1 hour before it's posted here, this is because I work as a designer and this blog will be maintained by alot of people working with this kind of stuff.

- Detailed information:
 - General info
 - Where to get the gadget?
 - Price
 - Videos and photos

This blog is an important part of my study because it is part of an assignment including professional designers, commercial researchers and developers. Leave a comment on our blog and we will respond to it!


  1. Grats on the blog, I love seeing all the crazy gadgets that the world can think of, hopefully I can be enlightened on many from your blog.

  2. i think this blog should be pretty sweet. this is my new source of tech and gadget news! goodluck man

  3. I'm very much into tech and I'm glad you started. So far, you've been showing things I would otherwise never see elsewhere! :D