Thursday, March 31, 2011

Casio G-Shock GW-3500B-1AER

Before you start getting any interests in this watch, look at the price to see if you can afford it. It's available for around $300. I can hear you saying: "What??!". Yes, this is very expensive, but take a look at the quality and, ofcourse, the brandname too. Casio has always made great watches, available for every budget, but this one is outstanding.

Lets take a look at the specs;
- Fully automatic LED-light that lights the display in a dark environment if you twist your wrist
- A shock-resistant construction makes this watch impossible to break
- It is solar powered, no batteries needed anymore
- Radio-connection to show the exact time, always, everywhere, in every timezone
- World clock: it can show the time of 29 different time zones
- Timer: use it as a stopwatch
- 5 different alarm sounds and a scheduled alarm system
- Snoozefunction: this makes you able to use the watch as an alarm to wake up too
- Mineral glass: this just means that you will never see any scratches on your watch, ever
- Resin bracelet made from natural resin for an extremely flexible and durable bracelet
- Water resistant up to the bottom of the ocean

You never expected so much from a watch, did you?


  1. That watch is incredible! And here I am with a watch from Wal-Mart on my wrist. I hate my life. Lol.

  2. i love it that they have solar powered watched these days, so cool!

  3. i'd wear the shit out of this

  4. Good stuff mate, I reckon I could take over the world with that watch

  5. i always wanted an all white gshock. i think they look nice

  6. Wow, a watch that doesn't even use a battery, that's cool.

  7. That's a cool watch! Followed

  8. I want one of those, Casio always makes good quality products

  9. I'll write a letter to Santa and ask one of these :D
    btw, cool blog, following.

  10. I have a casio watch at the moment, it's a great watch but lacks the solar feature. And I have to say, damn that's an awesome feature!

  11. I'm not exactly a fan of these kind of watches.
    I prefer the more strange looking ones.
    Like the skeleton watches where you can see the components inside the watch move etc.

  12. Radio-connection to show the exact time, always, everywhere, in every timezone. God damn.

  13. Now that's the kind of shit I would take mountain climbing, or into the desert or something. Heavyduty.

  14. Looks nice! But who wear watches these days?