Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fake (?) earphones from Chinese webshops

In this post: some interesting information on Earphones with populair brandnames on them from Chinese webshops, the Sennheiser CX400-II in particular.

There are alot of Chinese webshops on the internet, you may already know, or As the .com reveals, these webshops are not made for Chinese shoppers, but for the rich Europeans and people from the United States. 

Products with a popular brandname on them are seen frequently on these webshops, I don't want to pull attention to one webshop so I won't be giving out URL's of fake products here. Usually, the fake earphones are hard to find, because no brand name is mentioned in the description of the item. If you take a closer look at the product pictures, sometimes you notice Sennheiser, Skullcandy or another famous earphone brandname on the product, or reviews tell you that it comes in the original packaging. 

Recently, I ordered a so called "CX400-II In-ear headphones" from a Chinese website for $15. Sennheiser, which produces earphones with the label CX400-II, is not mentioned at all in the product description. The Sennheiser CX400-II's cost around $70 in a local store in my neighbourhood. After receiving the earphones from the Chinese webshop, I compared them with a pair from the local store. Here is my conclusion:
Price: around 5 times cheaper
Package: exactly the same as the original product, as you can see in the picture
Building quality: exactly the same
Sound quality: exactly the same
Value for money: more then worth the $15

But are they real or not? I can tell you, real or fake, it does not make a difference. If these are fake, China is a professional imitator, which is kinda plausible because they make all your Bose, Sennheiser, Skullcandy and Sony headphones themselve. If you want to see this yourself, go to a Chinese webshop and look around in their earphone section, check if you see some brandnames on the product pictures and order your cheap brand products.


  1. I love seeing all the chinese fakes on DealExtreme but still, the prices on there.... <3

  2. Thanks bro, I'll be picking up a few pairs of my own!

  3. ooh thanks for the info i might want to pick me up some of those

  4. I have a special affection for Chinese web shops, they provide me with all of my electronic cigarettes at about a quarter of the cost. I am really glad to see you back, my friend!

  5. jokes on everyone, its probably made in a factory similar to the legit one

  6. I couldn't agree with you more, Man. If a fake is as good as the original who cares if it's fake? Especially if they are cheaper.

    Glad your back.

  7. Totally agree mate, cheap earphones are NEVER the same. I did that with my Apple iPhone ones, (the original ones were playing up) so I bought some cheap Chinese ones online for $8. Awful, awful quality material and sound is even worse. You always loose out!

    Good post :D

  8. I've bought cheap sennheisers once. They seems to be original since the sound quality is very good and I have them like for 5-6 years.